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Captcha Recognizer Work Captcha Recognizer

Captchas are used in many places and have many uses, from security verification to just wasting people's time. As of now it's a system that works in many cases to prevent bots do automated tasks like spamming, automatic registration, automatic voting, etc. However, this is not real security.

The purpose of this project is not to generalize captcha recognition but to offer solutions to some targeted websites where captchas are not used as a security improvement of any kind but just to waste people's time, to make sure that a real person is waiting a big period of time before entering the captcha. The results of this project are not to be used by spammers (or "marketers" as they like to call themselves) but by normal users who agree that wasting people's valuable time with useless waiting is counter-productive for both users and the company itself. If an alternative would be offered to actually do something useful for the company, like transcribing from a scanned page where normal OCR programs fail or improving a dictionary with new definitions, many people would prefer to do that instead of waiting.


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