Captcha Recognizer ⋅ Test

A test program that imports captcha.dll and can save a text file with output text (uses type 0=autodetect).

Command line
test input_file output_file

If output_file is missing, the result will be shown in a message box. If output_file exists, the result will be appended to it, also a file named matrix.txt will be saved for bug reports. © 2008-2020 Albu Cristian


File test.zip
Version -
Date 2014-12-20 16:56
Size 47.29 KB
Type application/zip
SHA1 2b91f0972caef5d58ded40739757500a8b30bda9
MD5 4f4acee07dda2f61873364cb693641a9
Downloads 345

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