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Лог изменений

* During the first run of a new DC++ release shipped with new default hublist servers the new addresses are automatically added to the existing setup (no manual reset/configuration needed anymore) (emtee)
* Revisit default hublists, add new working hublist servers; blacklist discontinued or inaccessible server addresses (emtee)
* Add function to reset the list of public hublist servers to current defaults (emtee)
* Update OpenSSL to version 1.1.1
* Use default ECC curve list since improvement in version OpenSSL 1.1 (cologic)
* Remove Coral CDN support, since it's stopped running (cologic)
* Documentation and translations updated as usual, thanks everyone
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GNU General Public License, version 2


Файл dcplusplus-0.868-x64.zip
Версия 0.868
Дата 2018-12-02 01:09
Размер 70.74 Мб
Тип application/zip
SHA1 9ab9014962731e83cd15e232913cdf9d76297716
MD5 556bf65e3968613e435e699f01c126f6
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