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zIRON zIRON ⋅ Ziron Assembler

Finally getting back to working on Ziron!

This release contains a couple of unreleased versions over the past year.

Something to note is the RTL was never wrote with 64-bit in mind, and although many of the procedures are written for 8-32 bit, and will also assemble fine for 64-bit, they may not work as intended or produce incorrect code.

The RTL will be replaced in the future with a complete new set of includes, stay tuned.


24.11.2020 # Ziron Assembler

    # Fixed reloc section being written when nothing to relocate.
    # Fixed root section being written when no data present.
    # Fixed init procedure being exported by default.
    # Added plugin functions ziron_file_setbuffer, ziron_has_resources, ziron_res_size,
      ziron_import_total, ziron_export_total, ziron_fixup_total

    # Added 64-bit DLL output via PE32P_DLL.
    # Fixed access violation regarding entry function when main source is empty.

    # New simplified icon. (subject to changes)
    # Fixed mistake regarding assigning flags using ! or ~ modifier. see


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