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# - Fixed bypass of public proxy lookup for local and private IP addresses in chat mode

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Even more stable.

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[ 36] Fixed: Errors on configuration conversion from string to number and vice versa, report by Alexandr
[ 38] Fixed: Lua 5.3 number to string conversions in MySQL queries
[ 39] Fixed: Missing default password value when adding new PM block entry
[ 37] Added: Optional reason to country code gag
[ 40] Added: Optional filter parameter to word ranks command, request by Meka][Meka
[ 41] Added: Split help texts and send on hub help command execution
[ 42] Added: Replacer debug configuration repldebug, request by KCAHDEP
[ 43] Added: IP gag now supports single IP, range or LRE, request by KCAHDEP
[ 44] Added: Forbidden chat nick MyINFO check
[ 45] Added: Column support to Team Elite hublist user search
[ 46] Added: Default type and limit parameters to user logger command, idea by Lord_Zero

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They never learn: Symantec support page search form XSS bug

Vulnerable page:

PoC"><img src=>

You can either include any XSS code in search input box, or request any XSS code directly using GET method and keyword parameter.

Note: This is a proof of concept and it doesn't reflect the views or interests of above websites.
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- when a client uses an unrecognized Socks5 login, the request will be allowed; however, a warning will be shown that contains the username and the password to allow users to find bad configuration settings (this solves the problem with replacing Tor with AdvOR in the Tor Browser Bundle)
- the files Help\Firefox\readme.txt and Help\Firefox\AdvOR.ini were updated to work with the 6.5.2 version of Tor Browser
- updated language strings: 3262, 3263

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