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About Smileys

Here you can see the list of smileys and their codes available to use in news, forum and all comments on our website. Hopefully these cool koloboks made by Aiwan will make your day little more smiley. Any additional smileys can be added, if you have any good ideas, please let us know.

Code Description Smiley
:acute: Acute acute
:aggressive: Aggressive aggressive
:airkiss: Air kiss airkiss
:angel: Angel angel
:beer: Beer beer
:biggrin: Big grin biggrin
:blush: Blush blush
:bomb: Bomb bomb
:bored: Bored bored
:bye: Bye bye
:bye2: Bye bye2
:clap: Clap clap
:congrats: Congrats congrats
:cool: Cool cool
:crazy: Crazy crazy
:cry: Cry cry
:dance: Dance dance
:dance2: Dance dance2
:diablo: Diablo diablo
:dunno: Dunno dunno
:empathy: Empathy empathy
:empathy2: Empathy empathy2
:empathy3: Empathy empathy3
:fool: Fool fool
:fool2: Fool fool2
:fool3: Fool fool3
:gamer: Gamer gamer
:giveup: Give up giveup
:good: Good good
:good2: Good good2
:greeting: Greeting greeting
:hang: Hang hang
:happy: Happy happy
:heart: Heart heart
:hello: Hello hello
:help: Help help
:hmm: Hmm hmm
:inlove: In love inlove
:kiss: Kiss kiss
:kiss2: Kiss kiss2
:lol: LOL lol
:mad: Mad mad
:mad2: Mad mad2
:mocking: Mocking mocking
:morning: Morning morning
:morning2: Morning morning2
:music: Music music
:negative: Negative negative
:nope: Nope nope
:okey: Okey okey
:pardon: Pardon pardon
:playboy: Playboy playboy
:pleasantry: Pleasantry pleasantry
:praising: Praising praising
:rofl: ROFL rofl
:rofl2: ROFL rofl2
:rolleyes: Roll eyes rolleyes
:rolleyes2: Roll eyes rolleyes2
:rose: Rose rose
:russian: Russian russian
:sad: Sad sad
:scared: Scared scared
:scared2: Scared scared2
:scratch: Scratch scratch
:secret: Secret secret
:secret2: Secret secret2
:shock: Shock shock
:shout: Shout shout
:smile: Smile smile
:sorry: Sorry sorry
:stop: Stop stop
:throwup: Throw up throwup
:timeout: Time out timeout
:tongue: Tongue tongue
:tongue2: Tongue tongue2
:wacko: Wacko wacko
:wink: Wink wink
:yahoo: Yahoo yahoo
:yes: Yes yes
:yummy: Yummy yummy
:yummy2: Yummy yummy2