ID 4120
URL None
Status Banned: Duplicate
Address dutchpowernet.no-ip.org:412
Failover None
Name [KVN]•TheNewGeneration•
Topic •Leviathan•This hub is powered with PtokaX [556] Lua 5.3 Leviathan 666 [271218]
Description ¤-=[Kñigh†VisioÑ.::.Ñe†WorX]=-¤--Hub•NetWork•FiberSpeed•PtokaX•DC•Hub•• Leviathan v:666
Network None
Category None
Software PtokaX PtokaX
Owner dutchpowernet@hotmail.com
Location NL Netherlands
Users 0
Peak users 111
Share 0 B
Peak share 140.19 TB
User limit 6 000
Share limit 0 B
Slot limit 0
Hub limit 0
Reliability 98.35%
Last checked Long time ago
When added 10 months 6 days 17 hours 35 minutes 36 seconds
Votes 9
Website None
Email None
Resources None

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2018-12-28 22:52 [NL]-Harrie Dat was handig.. 9 maanden hublijst door 1 foute zet geband..
2018-12-28 17:09 The-Master You only need one spark to start a fire Quasar, so please be carefull next time you blame an innocent men...
2018-12-28 07:30 [NL]-Harrie excuus? mij iemand op de nek sturen die dreigt met alle NL hubs plat te leggen? en jij komt met slap excuusje?
<STOLO> idk this NL Harrie , and my english is not good , but if this NL Harrie don' leave Quasar , i will close all NL HUBS
2018-12-28 04:38 Quasar geen enkelen ports werken meer geloof je wel excus ervoor ;(
2018-12-27 09:15 [NL]-Harrie Iemand is hier duidelijk niet helemaal zuiver :D
2018-12-27 02:52 Quasar this hub is Killed by [NL]-Harrie

we are back new addres kvn.zapto.org:413
2018-12-13 10:38 STOLO hello to NL friends :)
2018-12-01 09:40 Team Home.net just let grow 6000 people love this hub
2018-06-30 12:43 Quasar thanks voor alle steun iedereen (Y)
2018-03-23 15:31 [WOK]PAUL great hub (Y)
2018-03-17 02:32 PublicCowBoy welcome back great hub owner good hub keep Running (Y)
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