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Aura Sync Monitor Aura Sync Monitor Manual - LightingService control

Here we are going to explain how to set up LightingService control with Aura Sync Monitor.

First of all we need to find LightingService directory, when using Aura Sync version 3, that directory is C:\Program Files (x86)\LightingService. If you have different version and directory name, please leave a comment with directory name and LightingService version to help other users.

In there you will find a file named LastProfile.xml. This is the file we need to copy two times to our Aura Sync Monitor root directory and give them two different names, each for monitor On and Off states.

Now head over Armoury Crate, or what ever application you use to control your RGB effects, and select your preferred effect.


Please note, once the RGB lights physically reinitiate, you need to manually restart LightingService using Windows services. We have noticed that LastProfile.xml is not properly written first time.


Now copy LastProfile.xml into your Aura Sync Monitor root directory and rename it to your monitor On state name. Repeat whole operation again, but instead set Dark (off) effect for monitor Off state.


In the end we have Aura Sync Monitor root directory that looks like this.


Once finished, we go back to Aura Sync Monitor and set up Profile and Service names, On and Off states according to names we created earlier.


Once you followed the configuration steps correctly, you can turn on the service checkbox and it should work as expected. Please note that Aura Sync Monitor needs to be launched as administrator in order to write system files and restart system services. There is no other way to do this.

If you have any issues, please leave a comment with problem described.


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