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*** common changes ***

* GCC < 4.6 and Clang < 3.1 are not supported anymore.
* Added option (ShareSkipZeroByte) for skipping zero sized files from share.
* Thanks to Anh Phan the Vietnamese translation is now available.
* Thanks to Marko Trifunović the Serbian (Cyrillic) translation is now available.
* Thanks to Egoitz Rodriguez the Basque translation is now available.
* Fixed finding of Lua 5.2.x during configuration.
* The local copy of miniupnpc is updated to version 1.8. Build with old miniupnpc versions (1.5.x, 1.6.x and 1.7.x) is still supported.
* Prevent crashes when receiving malicious search requests on NMDC hubs [Thanks to Pavel Pimenov]
* Added options: LogFileSpy, LogFormatSpy (issue 1403)
* [NMDC] Prevent crashes when receiving malicious search requests [Thanks to Pavel Pimenov]
* Add parse tags TS and HIT in filelists
* [NMDC] Add support CTM2HUB
* [NMDC] Fix parse search requests
* [ADC] Set correct p2p error msg for adc
* Optimize all png images in repo (pull-request 292) [Thanks to Nikoli]
* Fix high cpu load on ssl connections after disconnect remote client on begin send file [Thanks to loooser]

*** eiskaltdcpp-qt ***

* Emit signal about each new message in chat (issue 1369)
* Add workaround for loading icons in Mac OS X 10.9 (issue 1442)
* Fixed build in Mac OS X 10.9 using clang
* Add support build with Qt5
* Add very simple Cmd Debug Frame
* Fix crash in settings dialog (issue 1498)
* F3, Shitf+F3, Find All button in PMWindow now work
* Fix unable selection text in chat after find don't exist substring in HubFrame and PMWindow
* Add /rebuild and /refresh chat commands (Github issue 288)
* Rework find user for Context Menu in Hub Chat (use QTextBlockUserData instead QRegExp)

*** eiskaltdcpp-gtk ***

* Added some options in settings dialog: SHARE_SKIP_ZERO_BYTE

*** eiskaltdcpp-daemon ***

* Updated embedded mongoose library to version 5.6.
* Updated embedded jsoncpp library to current state in SVN trunk.
* Added cmake option LOCAL_JSONCPP. Now it is possible to build program with system version of library jsoncpp. But have in mind, if this library do not have our patch, it will causes segmentation faults in eiskaltdcpp-daemon.
* Add reload config by SIGHUP


© 2007-2024 EiskaltDC++ Team


GNU General Public License, version 2


File eiskaltdcpp-2.2.10.tar.gz
Version 2.2.10
Date 2018-11-03 12:17
Size 3.67 MB
Type application/gzip
SHA1 feb756c529fff1ff8c29de49d6a059e5f7f9f56e
MD5 1a67875b59c05f2253b5938a0fcf2951
Downloads 87

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