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corrected: DNS search did not work if an IP was given instead of a domain name
corrected: forbidden words were not searched in anchors when checking forum links
corrected: if an anchor had a HTML tag the text was ignored
corrected: an error in parsing procedures for HTTP headers caused random crashes
added: detection for wordpress blogs, an attempt to enumerate blog archives is made (old versions and new versions are supported)
added: detection for blogspot blogs (if no blog archives are found, blogger's search function is used to enumerate results as archives)
archive enumeration for blogs go back to 2003 for WordPress and to 2000 for Blogspot (when no linked archives are found), the "select forums" function can be used to select which archives will be used
for some Blogspot setups an intermediary index for topics is generated (if the title is not linked in original blog archive)
the link search procedures were improved to detect more links
the detection was adjusted according to their website changes
more images linked with thumbnails are detected from various websites


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Version 2.04
Date 2013-09-03 08:41
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