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HeXHub HeXHub GeoIP

	Updating GeoIP database

1. Download from
2. Extract GeoIPCountryWhois.CSV from in the IPTest directory
3. If you want to edit the IP ranges from GeoIPCountryWhois.CSV be sure all ranges remain sorted.
4. Execute csv2dat.exe and it will do the following:
- generates GeoIP.dat
- displays a messagebox with number of different IP ranges detected
5. Stop HeXHub and close the program
6. Overwrite GeoIP.dat located in HeXHub's directory with the new ones from IPTest
7. If you have HeXHub 3.22 or later, no changes are needed to hexhub's sourcecode.
If you have HeXHub older than 3.22 you need to do the following:
- update maximum number of countries and ranges in settings.h and tzari.h
- compile HeXHub using masm32
- overwrite HeXHub.exe with the new one
8. Delete ips.dat from HeXHub's directory
9. Restart HeXHub
10.All country-related settings may be changed so you need to update them (!set isp)


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