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Ledokol Ledokol Ledokol 2.7.5

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Fixed: Consider custom nick when sending replaced main chat and private message on antispam action 9
Fixed: Duplication of IP gag entries, report by Uhlik
Added: Consider custom sender nick in receivers private chat when sending private message
Added: useripsupport configuration to enable $UserIP support for operators, off by default, request by Uhlik
Added: Information to operators about replaced main chat message on antispam action 9
Added: Update tables according to old version number so the script can load much faster
Added: histautonewlinedel configuration to allow deletion of new lines in automatic history messages, default is on
Added: Unknown protocol command detection before login, supported since Verlihub 1.0
Added: unkbeforelogin configuration to disable unknown protocol command detection before login, on by default
Added: Antispam action 10, hard ban the IP and drop user, hard ban feature must be enabled
Added: Client supports and NMDC version to MyINFO check and user information
Changed: Minimum value of histautolinemax is 0, means don't cut automatic history messages
Changed: Manually added IP gag entries are saved permanently, those added by antispam and antiflood remain temporary, request by Uhlik
Removed: Support for iConv
Removed: Support for LuaSocket and its modules
Removed: Hublist pinger feature
Removed: Old client $Capabilities from unknown protocol command exception list


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GNU General Public License


Version 2.7.5
Date 2013-08-13 10:25
Size 95.11 KB
Type application/zip
SHA1 1c77e77a73f28dc7a04f237a7836d02d4e572367
MD5 00e3ee42948a1656d6502179ef6abdf5
Downloads 856

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