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[121] Fixed: AVDB update process when items were deleted from database
[129] Fixed: NMDC status in user information
[132] Fixed: SQL syntax when adding indexes
[134] Fixed: MCTo command syntax
[111] Added: cleanallbangags configuration to clean all gag lists on cleanallban hub command, request by FAUST
[112] Added: Hard ban cache list
[113] Added: IP intelligence result to ipinfo command
[114] Added: avkickhide configuration to hide antivirus kicks, requires Verlihub
[118] Added: Complete user MyINFO identified by "info" to forbidden MyINFO checks
[120] Added: AVDB verbosity level 4 available only for class 10 users
[122] Added: Optional reason and time parameters to gagipadd command and ipgagdefmins configuration for default time in minutes where zero means forever, request by KCAHDEP
[123] Added: Support for Verlihub time as time and interval parameters, request by KCAHDEP and Master
[124] Added: ASN gag, similar to city gag, request by Master and KCAHDEP
[125] Added: ipgagtoself and ipgagnochat configurations, request by Master and KCAHDEP
[127] Added: New GeoIP country codes
[128] Added: chatintelcheckcmd configuration to detect public proxy on users commands, request by KCAHDEP
[130] Added: Script command is_ip_proxy and ip_is_proxy reply
[131] Added: User logger parameters stat and tls
[133] Added: antitest command to test match of specified text
[135] Added: Proxy protection list, request by KCAHDEP
[110] Improved: UTF-8 detection in avdetforce command when avdetforceconv is enabled
[112] Improved: Allow to use class 0 in command permissions
[115] Improved: Magnet parameter is optional in release bot, request by barrow
[116] Improved: User information MyINFO status
[117] Improved: Always include path in AVDB reports
[119] Improved: Workaround for FlylinkDC++ that sets passive mode for its second clone
[126] Improved: SQL optimization


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