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Ledokol Ledokol ⋅ Ledokol 2.8.1

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Added: Bot list to statistics collection
Added: Chat notification when news item is added, idea by Uhlik
Added: Virus spreader detection action to block connection requests to user, used by default, request by Ger
Added: "dev" and "force" parameters for "ledover" command available for class 10 to force update to last development and stable versions
Added: Try to download translation file when it doesn't exist
Added: Missing user agent on AVDB load
Added: Support for cURL exit codes to identify usage problems
Changed: Load AVDB using timestamp to reduce data transfer
Fixed: Negative GeoIP coordinates are valid
Fixed: Download correct translation file on script update
Fixed: Special NMDC characters in shell error messages were never escaped
Fixed: Show correct result on user lookup, either user is not found or server is down


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GNU General Public License


Version 2.8.1
Date 2014-08-30 17:08
Size 109.87 KB
Type application/zip
SHA1 6f34b4002c481d8c8ae4f4eea6f9dfae4797de3b
MD5 6eec80a516663c1766a78b1cb0aefbdd
Downloads 574

Quarterly graph ⋅ Period: Sat 19/06 - Sun 19/09 ⋅ Downloads: 0 - 2


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