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Лог изменений

# (2017.04.12)
    # Added new setting != Hub address (suggested by RoLex)
    # Fixed issue with new accounts not being accessible.
    # Another fix to country_code.
    # Bans added and expiry datetime changed internally to uint64 type.
    # Fixed formatting bug in ban list.
    # Ban list now shows added and expiry date/time.
    # Added commands !unban *, !unban */nick and !unban */ip.
    # Bots now use desc and email setting instead of myinfo.
    # Fixed sending hello after myinfo for old clients.
    # Added lua api function Hub.addBot(nick, desc, email)
    # Added lua api function Hub.removeBot(nick)
    # Fixed stopping lua scripts was not calling onUnload.

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