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zIRON zIRON zIRON Assembler

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Лог изменений

global variables can now have initialized data
global variables now supports open arrays
improved sizeof macro, can now return size of array and array[id] item
added internal macro arrcount - able to count number of items in initialized array

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Файл ziron.compiler.1218.rar
Дата 2013-09-03 08:51
Размер 488.16 Кб
Тип application/x-rar
SHA1 4218c4704570c28188d0622c4e6ae5fbac4cbc2f
MD5 03f640f45c416e93e135843e13c32cd7
Загрузок 645

График за квартал Период: Fri 12/04 - Sat 13/07 Загрузок: 0 - 2


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2015-07-20 22:01 Pong Always wanted to learn 6502 assembly language but it was too difficult to make the change from IF/THEN/ELSE and FOR/NEXT/STEP high level Boolean to low level bit moves and address jumping. Creating your own logic out of flipping switches ain't easy. Maybe zIRON can teach me this.
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