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Ledokol Ledokol

Changes in
[139] Fixed: Errors on reloading Lua plugin, report by KCAHDEP
[141] Fixed: Skip parsing +me command when mainchat_class is set, thanks to Gabriel
[141] Fixed: Skip hub bots when detecting clones, thanks to Gabriel
[136] Added: Blacklist feature, similar to but less advanced, allows to import lists from
[137] Added: Hard IP ban now supports single IP, IP range or LRE and ability to disable items aswell as importing from
[138] Added: hbanfeedint and blistfeedint configurations to delay blacklist and hard IP ban notifications in minutes
[140] Added: System ban feature, requires IPTables and super user, use with caution if other rules defined
[142] Added: votekickregdays configuration as number of days user has to be registered before using vote kicks
[140] Improved: Translation parameter count mismatch, thanks to PWiAM

File information: Ledokol
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FearGate FearGate Demo x32

Next release of 32-bit version of FearGate Demo. Your feature requests and bug reports are welcome.

Changes in
Fixed: Exception on accessing virtual ethernet adapter
Added: Support for IPv6

File information: FearGate Demo x32
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Few fixes, thanks to Village and Timisoreanul.

Changes in
* Fixed model loading against OpenAI API
* Fixed conversion of UTF-8 encoded chats
* Updated OpenSSL library to version 3.1.2

File information: DCGPT
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DC++ DC++ 0.881

This official DC++ 0.881 installer was put into ZIP archive due to unavailability of sharing pure executable files on our website.

Changes in 0.881
* Require SSE4.2 for 64-bit builds (cologic)
* Upgrade compiler for better performance and security (emtee)
* [L#2039677] Fix crash logging to work with modern compilers' defaults - allows enabling (HE)ASLR properly (emtee)
* Modernize Users frame to show expanded and copyable user information (iceman50)
* Add new icon set with a modern look and feel, partly based on (iceman50)
* Add SetOverlayIcon to dwt::Taskbar, DC++ will now show a green or red icon overlay on the taskbar icon depending on away status (iceman50)
* [L#2019492] Fix a possible crash in DWT tab view control (emtee, iceman50)
* Display originating hub info on new incoming private messages (iceman50)
* [L#1494814] Support MSVC project generation for Visual Studio 2022 (iceman50)
* Fix saving preferred port mapper setting for IPv4 (emtee)
* Update OpenSSL to version 3.1.2
* Update Boost to version 1.83
* Update MiniUPnPc to version 2.2.5
* Update the NAT-PMP library
* Update zlib to version 1.3
* Fix compression errors when uploading due to a change in zlib 1.2.12 (iceman50)
* Documentation and translations updated as usual, thanks everyone

File information: DC++ 0.881
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AirDC++ AirDC++ 4.21

This official AirDC++ 4.21 installer was put into ZIP archive due to unavailability of sharing pure executable files on our website.

Changes in 4.21
API and Web UI changes:

* Web Client 2.12.0


* Add flood limits for incoming and outgoing connect requests to avoid crashes in case of severe flood (#63)
* Add “verbose” status message severity


* Update Node.js to version 18.17.1
* Lower the default minimum search interval to 5/10 seconds


* Fix transfer connections not being created in some cases when download sources are added
* Fix sources column in download queue not being updated in some cases when download sources are added
* Fix an additional whitespace being added after user nicks in some cases
* Fix “engname” country format param (#88)

File information: AirDC++ 4.21
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