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DC++ DC++ 0.881

This official DC++ 0.881 installer was put into ZIP archive due to unavailability of sharing pure executable files on our website.

Changes in 0.881
* Require SSE4.2 for 64-bit builds (cologic)
* Upgrade compiler for better performance and security (emtee)
* [L#2039677] Fix crash logging to work with modern compilers' defaults - allows enabling (HE)ASLR properly (emtee)
* Modernize Users frame to show expanded and copyable user information (iceman50)
* Add new icon set with a modern look and feel, partly based on (iceman50)
* Add SetOverlayIcon to dwt::Taskbar, DC++ will now show a green or red icon overlay on the taskbar icon depending on away status (iceman50)
* [L#2019492] Fix a possible crash in DWT tab view control (emtee, iceman50)
* Display originating hub info on new incoming private messages (iceman50)
* [L#1494814] Support MSVC project generation for Visual Studio 2022 (iceman50)
* Fix saving preferred port mapper setting for IPv4 (emtee)
* Update OpenSSL to version 3.1.2
* Update Boost to version 1.83
* Update MiniUPnPc to version 2.2.5
* Update the NAT-PMP library
* Update zlib to version 1.3
* Fix compression errors when uploading due to a change in zlib 1.2.12 (iceman50)
* Documentation and translations updated as usual, thanks everyone

File information: DC++ 0.881
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AirDC++ AirDC++ 4.21

This official AirDC++ 4.21 installer was put into ZIP archive due to unavailability of sharing pure executable files on our website.

Changes in 4.21
API and Web UI changes:

* Web Client 2.12.0


* Add flood limits for incoming and outgoing connect requests to avoid crashes in case of severe flood (#63)
* Add “verbose” status message severity


* Update Node.js to version 18.17.1
* Lower the default minimum search interval to 5/10 seconds


* Fix transfer connections not being created in some cases when download sources are added
* Fix sources column in download queue not being updated in some cases when download sources are added
* Fix an additional whitespace being added after user nicks in some cases
* Fix “engname” country format param (#88)

File information: AirDC++ 4.21
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First release of DCGPT for Windows.

Changes in
* Initial release

File information: DCGPT
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AirDC++ AirDC++ 4.20

This official AirDC++ 4.20 installer was put into ZIP archive due to unavailability of sharing pure executable files on our website.

Changes in 4.20
API and Web UI changes:

* Web Client 2.11.4
* Web Client 2.11.3


* Report certain incorrectly forwarded ADC protocol messages
* Add a new hublist server (
* New language: Ukrainian
* Add extension support in chat views (highlights and context menu items)


* Discussion forum and issue tracker links now point to Github
* Put extension context menu items under an extension-specific submenu in if there are more than two menu items
* Improve logging of partial filelist transfers
* Disable maximum size for shared files when using the RAR profile
* Update Node.js to version 18.15.0


* Fix a filelist-related crash (LP#1944724)
* Fix saving of web server settings (LP#1950519)
* Remove additional waiting time when using "Find and view NFO" and no results are found
* Don't clear user commands when attempting to connect to a hub that is open already (LP#1981763))
* SOCKS5: don't fail if the proxy server doesn't send any port for regular connect attempts
* Remove non-existing commands from /help
* Don't ignore filenames containing semicolons in SFV files


* The "Search sites" feature has been replaced with an extension (must be installed manually)
* Remove warnings for old LuaDCH hubsoft version
* Removed an inaccessible hublist server address

File information: AirDC++ 4.20
Postat av airdc den 2023-04-28 21:50 2 comments 1 like

FearDC Proxy Checker FearDC Proxy Checker

Next release of this useful proxy checker with a bunch of new features such as list collection, work on timer and remote or local saving ability.

Changes in
* Added collection ability
* Added custom check URL
* Added custom user agent
* Added work on timer
* Added remote or local save ability
* Added list shuffle
* Added ChangeLog and ReadMe

File information: FearDC Proxy Checker
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