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']['€AM€LI']['€ is a programming and security group. We develop all kind of softwares and our primary focus is security. Most of our work involve providing non commercial solutions for one or more security related problems. Our programming related work include:

We also perform security audit to report and raise awareness of security related problems. You can visit our Wikipedia EverybodyWiki page or Facebook page for more information.



']['€AM€LI']['€ network is a network of chat servers, NMDC and IRC, maintained by ']['€AM€LI']['€. Currently in our network there are only NMDC hubs, some of them running our hub software. More information about ']['€AM€LI']['€ network and conditions to join it can be found here.


The list of our chat servers can be found here. If you don't want to or can't join our chat servers, you can use this page to send us a message. Don't forget to include some contact information if you want your message to be answered.



Our website uses a few third party components and graphics, which we would like to link to and say thanks to their developers:


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