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Aura Sync Monitor Aura Sync Monitor

This release comes with more comfortable startup and interface options as suggested by Everton. Keep the requests coming, even new intergration suggestions are welcome.

Changes in
Added: Minimize on start option
Added: Confirm on exit option
Added: License text to about window
Added: Hide on tray icon click

File information: Aura Sync Monitor
Posted by auramon on 2024-05-17 11:32 0 comments 1 like

FearDC FearDC x64

Pre-release of FearDC x64.

Changes in
* Merge with DC++ 0.881 (RoLex)
* Update OpenSSL to version 3.2.1, requires linking FearDC with crypt32 (RoLex)
* Update PO4A to version 0.71 (RoLex)
* Update ZLib to version 1.3.1 (RoLex)
* Update Boost to version 1.83 (RoLex)
* Update MiniUPnPc to version 2.2.5 (RoLex)
* Update NAT-PMP to version 20230423 (RoLex)
* Replace GeoIP with MaxMindDB version 1.9.1 (RoLex)
* Correctly set language in PO files, language team remains to fix (RoLex)
* Temporarily fix buffer overflow error when receiving large chat messages, needs a complete rewrite (RoLex)
* Add and to list protected against CTM requests (RoLex)
* Add hublist by default (RoLex)
* Remove hublist due to user count falsification for own interests (RoLex)
* $MaxedOut sends queue position parameter on NMDC hubs, thanks to iceman50 (RoLex)
* $LogedIn is known NMDC command (RoLex)
* Missing in all clients - force login timeout after 2 minutes (RoLex)
* Add support for TTHS NMDC extension to save traffic on both sides with short TTH searches, widely supported by Verlihub (RoLex)
* Add support for BotList, HubTopic and MCTo NMDC extensions, widely supported by Verlihub (RoLex)
* Add /mcpm command for private main chat messages, currently only for NMDC hubs that support MCTo extension (RoLex)
* Don't waste our and NMDC hub resources when we don't want user commands (RoLex)
* Add settings to show user IP and country in main and private chats when available (RoLex)
* Add %[extra] variable support to main and private chat log formats when available, this shows user IP and country (RoLex)
* Add global and favorite hub settings to disable TLS NMDC client-client connections, this allows transfers between us and old clients (RoLex)
* Add setting to skip tray icon notification on PM from bots or hub (RoLex)
* Add setting to disable creation of taskbar menu with list of open windows (RoLex)
* Add status line to user information, displays supported flags - Normal, Away, Server, Fireball and TLS, NMDC only (RoLex)
* Properly show away, fireball and server status on NMDC hubs (RoLex)
* Save last away status on restart (RoLex)
* About dialog now shows used OpenSSL version (RoLex)
* Fix locale detection when building help files on Cygwin and Msys (RoLex)
* Fix negative upload and download statistics due to int64_t declaration (RoLex)
* Fix C++20 deprecation warnings (RoLex)
* Fix crash on missing help files (RoLex)
* [LB#841189] [LQ#698901] Add support for secure NMDC client to hub connections, port defaults to 411, requires nmdcs:// in URL (RoLex)
* Add support for secure hub address when available in public hubs (RoLex)
* Add support for secure NMDC client to client connections, requires successful TLS configuration on our side and specified TLS flag in remote user $MyINFO (RoLex)

File information: FearDC x64
Posted by feardc on 2024-03-29 12:02 0 comments 1 like

Aura Sync Monitor Aura Sync Monitor

Next release of Aura Sync Monitor with iCUE integration support.

Changes in
Added: iCUE integration support

File information: Aura Sync Monitor
Posted by auramon on 2024-03-03 13:16 0 comments 1 like

Aura Sync Monitor Aura Sync Monitor

Initial release of Aura Sync Monitor x64.

Changes in
Initial release

File information: Aura Sync Monitor
Posted by auramon on 2024-02-29 19:48 0 comments 1 like


Bug fix release.

Changes in
Fixed: Saved model loading incompatibility

File information: DCGPT
Posted by dcgpt on 2024-02-23 21:17 0 comments 1 like