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AdvOR AdvOR How do I create a hidden service webiste?

How do I create a hidden service webiste?
Can I do it with AdvOR? How do I go about creating it (I know how to create a website but where do I put it and how do I advertise it to start getting traffic to go to it?
Maybe I need new software to create hidden services. Anyway I would appreciate any help on the subject.
Posted by DeepFish on 2014-03-05 03:45


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Re: How do I create a hidden service webiste?
Click "Hosted services" and you'll see this message:

1. Host a Hidden Service
To start hosting a hidden service, start your server software that will host your hidden service and configure it to disable any settings that would cause it to reveal its real location (or, alternatively, you can intercept it). You start hosting a hidden service when you add it to the list of hidden services. Your service will be accessible through its associated .onion address (you may need to configure this .onion address in the server software you use).
Replied by Guest on 2014-03-06 22:07 #11
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