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AdvOR AdvOR how to combine portable AdvOR with portable TorBrowser

Mr. Trick posted you AdvOR here http://www.nsaneforums.com/topic/292805-advanced-onion-router-0312-portable/ and it looks /sounds interesting. There a this information given

Steps to use Tor Browser bundle from torproject.org with Advanced Onion Router:

1. Download the browser bundle from https://www.torproject.org/download/download.html.en .
2. Install torbrowser-install-3.5_en-US.exe (the default location is the Windows desktop).
3. From the directory "Tor Browser" delete the directories "Docs" and "Tor" and delete the files "Start Tor Browser.exe" and "Data\Browser\profile.default\extensions\tor-launcher@torproject.org.xpi" .
4. Copy AdvOR\AdvOR.exe and AdvOR\AdvOR.dll to the Tor Browser\ directory .
5. Copy Firefox\AdvOR.ini to the Tor Browser\ directory .
6. If you want to rename AdvOR.exe to something else, like "Start Tor Browser.exe", you must also rename AdvOR.dll and AdvOR.ini to "Start Tor Browser.dll" and "Start Tor Browser.ini" .
7. Start AdvOR from the Tor Browser\ directory . You can now use Firefox with javascript and plugins enabled, because it is intercepted by AdvOR. This is the safest way to use Firefox with AdvOR because all other processes created by Firefox are intercepted automatically (like plugin-container.exe which runs the Flash plugin).
8. If you close AdvOR, it will also close Firefox and all other intercepted processes that were created by it; if you close Firefox, AdvOR will also terminate all processes created by Firefox and then exit.

but if I look at this different

between normal and portable version I don't real know how I combine the portable version of AdvOR with portable TorBrowser to use in places like Internet cafe
Posted by Togijak on 2017-05-08 09:59


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Re: how to combine portable AdvOR with portable TorBrowser
AdvOR is portable as it is.
So... a portable program was converted into another "portable" program - because... it wasn't "portable" enough?
Replied by Guest on 2017-05-08 19:21 #255
Re: how to combine portable AdvOR with portable TorBrowser
A portable app means you do not need to install any files... basically = AdvOR, they have taken the portable app (The AdvOR you can download on this website) and wrapped it in a self-installer and added the text "portable" on the end..... lmfao
Replied by Meka][Meka on 2017-05-08 20:36 #257
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