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Aura Sync Monitor Work Aura Sync Monitor

Aura Sync Monitor by FearDC
Tired of manually turning on and off RGB light effects each time you are going to sleep or run away for a while, but want to keep your PC on during that time? Yeah, we got tired too. Since neither ASUS Armoury Crate or Corsair iCUE seems to have a good solution for this, we made an low resource usage application that turns the lights off and on for you.

Aura Sync Monitor principles are as simple as it can get, when your monitor goes to sleep or wakes up, our application sets configured profiles and effects and restarts required services. Please follow LightingService control manual and iCUE integration manual for easy set up. It takes no more than 5 minutes to set up each control. When done, your RGB light effects will now turn off together with your monitor when you go to sleep and turn back on when you wake up. In case of unpredictable beviour, the built in protection will delay waking up your lights too often, to minimize damage to your RGB components. Currently tested only with ASUS Armoury Crate, Aura Sync, Q42 LightingService and Corsair iCUE out of the box.

Please feel free to report bugs and request new features.


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Aura Sync Monitor is a copyright of FearDC. Free for use and distribution.

Aura Sync is a copyright of ASUSTeK Computer Inc. Please review license and terms on their website.

LightingService is a copyright of Q42 Engineering. Please review license and terms on their website.

iCUE and CUE game SDK library is a copyright of Corsair Gaming Inc. Please review license and terms on their website.


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