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Aura Sync Monitor Aura Sync Monitor Manual - iCUE integration

Here we are going to explain how to set up iCUE integration with Aura Sync Monitor.

First of all we need to find iCUE default game effects directory, when using iCUE version 5, that directory is C:\ProgramData\Corsair\CUE5\GameSDKEffects. If you have different version and directory name, please leave a comment with directory name and iCUE version to help other users.

In there, create a new subdirectory which will be your Game name. Please make sure to use simple name with A-Z letters and undercore instead of space. Please note that you need to be administrator in order to write system files. There is no other way to do this.

Now head over to iCUE profiles list. We are going to export two profiles - one for monitor On state and one for monitor Off state. Click on three dots besides On state profile and select Export profile, make sure that only Lighting effects is enabled and save the .cueprofile file in newly created subdirectory. This will be our On state profile name. Please make sure to use simple name with A-Z letters and undercore instead of space. Repeat same operation for Off state profile.


Next step will be creating a priorities.cfg file inside our directory. We don't yet know why this is important, but we will create it anyway. In that file we are going to store our two profiles names with different priorities. Make sure to name these after your profile names.


There is also a version file, we have copied that file from other profiles and set its contents to 1.

Now head back to your .cueprofile files and open them both for editing. Make sure that <name> tags are set to exactly the same names as the file name suggests.


In the end we have a subdirectory that looks like this.


Once finished, we go back to Aura Sync Monitor and set up Game name, On and Off states according to names we created earlier.


Once you followed the configuration steps correctly, you can turn on the integration checkbox and it should work as expected. Please make sure to accept control access inside iCUE, you will see a notification window asking for control permission.


If you have any issues, please leave a comment with problem described.


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2024-05-17 22:15 RoLex @ Everton

2024-05-17 16:00 Everton Thanks my friend, its perfect now!! Corsair should hire you! hahaha
2024-05-17 11:32 RoLex @ Everton

There you go sir:
2024-05-17 09:52 RoLex @ Everton

Nemos problemos amigos. You will see an update soon on this page.
2024-05-17 04:55 Everton Thank you very much for your time spent on the software, it is helping me with iCUE, I hate rgb on with monitor off! You could add an option to start with windows minimized on the taskbar to make it perfect!
2024-03-07 21:18 Guest aggressiveairkissangel
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