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FearDC - DC++ fork with NMDC TLS
FearDC is an open source Windows client for Direct Connect network. It is based on DC++ - the original client, but implements more features both for the user and the protocol. Main feature of this fork is the TLS-encrypted connection support for NMDC hubs. It allows you to connect to NMDC TLS-enabled hubs securely, using a TLS-encrypted channel. This feature is crucial because the protocols themselves, either NMDC or ADC, are a plain text protocols that can be easily scanned and even logged by your ISP or third parties.

Direct Connect is a network of hubs that allows you to share any type of files over the WAN or LAN, without restrictions or limits, aswell as chatting with online users either publicly or privately. The client is completely free of advertisements and has a smooth, easy to use interface - thanks to original DC++ author Jacek Sieka. Firewall and router support, such as UPnP and NAT-PMP, are integrated, allowing you to set up connection settings automatically in most cases.

FearDC is free software, licensed under the GNU GPL version 3, or at your option any later version. It uses a few third-party libraries, which are also licensed under open-source licenses compatible with GNU GPL3.

Feel free to navigate through the menu above to find more information, or even download a copy of this client and start sharing yourself. Happy sharing!


FearDC - About dialog
FearDC - Settings > Advanced > Security & certificates
FearDC - Favorite hub properties
FearDC - Hub frame > User information

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