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FearGate Работа FearGate

FearGate - Made by FearDC

FearGate is fast and simple SOCKS and HTTPS proxy server and port mapper for Windows supporting IPv4 and IPv6. We have seen alot similar software for Linux, but hardly a few for Windows.

Proxy server supports SOCKS5, SOCKS4 and HTTPS. Port mapper supports TCP and UDP protocols. Number of running servers is unlimited as long your resources can handle.

FearGate can be used in all kind of networks for traffic redirection to any location in the world. Filtering is allowed using internal access restriction manager. Traffic monitor is available for each server.

This tool is not free though, since high concurrency between this type of software. Following price includes single user lifetime license:

Files available contains a demo version limited to 30 minutes of uptime. Please contact us for information and ordering of unlimited version.

Your feature requests and bug reports are welcome.


Proxy server
Port mapper
Access restriction
Traffic monitor
Settings manager
About FearGate
Uptime: 549 days

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2024-02-10 18:40 RoLex @ InternetUser


Sorry, didn't notice your comment until now. The easiest way to get contact with me is email:

According HTTPS - I don't really understand what you mean. First you connect to FearGate, then you connect to your HTTPS website - that's all, your traffic is encrypted the same way.

2024-01-11 20:46 InternetUser Hello,
That's a nice proxy software that you got.
It's especially noteworthy that your proxy server includes a reliable IPv6 TCP & UDP port forwarder.

The only thing that makes me hesitate to get the full version right now is that the purchase is manual-only (not automated).
So I want to make sure that you see my comment, to be reassured that you actually regularly check for new PayPal donations.

Let me know when you see this comment, also some feature suggestions:
- Add HTTPS proxy support (natively supported in Android Wi-Fi settings, and in the OpenVPN client)
- Make the Users system a separate tab of its own (an Users tab, then each user cans be given access to a proxy listener)

I know it's a socks proxy server, but having a local HTTPS proxy listener would be useful nonetheless.
This could make an HTTPS proxy-only device use a Socks5 one, by having FearGate create a true HTTPS proxy then forward to a Socks5 one.

Still nonetheless, HTTPS proxy support would be very nice. I'm just waiting to confirm that you can actually check PayPal donations on a regular basis, because it's a manual process.

2023-08-20 13:12 RoLex @ Duy K

No, no updates. As I can recall, last time you told me via email that you have set very high buffer size after last update when buffer size was added. In that case your out of memory issue is natural. Because sometimes sockets can't really handle sending very large chunks of data, it can depend on poor connection, network card, or even internal Windows sockets functionality. Any buffer that can not be sent directly, is being stored in memory to try again later, so next time the application has to send old data and new data, which fills up your memory very fast and results in errors. Please lower the buffer size to something like 64k, 128k or 256k. I don't recommend high sizes.

I even found email where I explained this to you. yes
2023-07-20 10:23 Duy K I got a lot "Out of memory" error message today, wonder what is wrong with it, also is there any update?
2021-08-29 21:53 RoLex @ Max

Thank you for bug report. Fixed in
2021-02-14 20:59 Max SOCKS4 server has invalid answer. It returns 16 bytes instead of 8 by RFC
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