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EiskaltDC++ EiskaltDC++ 2.2.9

This official EiskaltDC++ 2.2.9 x86 installer was put into ZIP archive due to unavailability of sharing pure executable files on our website.

Changes in 2.2.9
*** common changes ***

* Fixed build with GCC < 4.6 and Clang < 3.1. This is the last release with support of old compilers.
* Fixed cmake rules for building with sr@latin localization.
* Small code refactoring and optimisation.

*** eiskaltdcpp-qt ***

* Improvements in search widget: now progress bar works as expected.
* Fixed segmentation fault on right click at some nicknames in public chats.
* Fixed SIGABRT during closing Tic-Tac-Toe QML widget.
* Fixed SIGABRT on program exit when QtScript "LogManager View" is active.
* A number of improvements for Mac OS X:
- disabled system tray functionality (it never worked there as expected)
- added special program menu to the dock icon
- now program is hided into dock instead of exiting by the click on window close button
- added platform-specific code to handle left click on program icon in dock (now it works as in native Mac OS X programs)
- added dock icon jumping when there are new unread personal messages
- added support for Retina displays (fonts are rendered in high resolution when program built with Qt 4.8.x) [Thanks to Dmitry Arkhipov who showed developers how Mac OS X looks like]
* Some platform-specific improvements in settings dialog: hided options which do not work in Mac OS X, MS Windows or Haiku.

*** eiskaltdcpp-gtk ***

* Improvements in search widget: now progress bar works as expected.
* Fixed SIGABRT when gdk_display_get_default() returns NULL.

*** eiskaltdcpp-daemon ***

* Fixed check of log file existence in daemon mode (see --syslog and --log command-line options).

*** eiskaltdcpp-cli ***

* Fixed work with libjson-rpc-perl >= 1.00 (module JSON::RPC::Client was moved to JSON::RPC::Legacy::Client there). [Thanks to Damyan Ivanov]

File information: EiskaltDC++ 2.2.9
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