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EiskaltDC++ EiskaltDC++ 2.4.2

These official EiskaltDC++ 2.4.2 x86 and x64 installers were put into ZIP archive due to unavailability of sharing pure executable files on our website.

Changes in 2.4.2
*** common changes ***
* Added support of build using musl instead of glibc.
* Add support of build in Cygwin environment.
* Added configuration option LUA_VERSION (unset by default) for choosing specific version of Lua library in the systems if necessary.

*** libeiskaltdcpp ***
* Fix search on ADC hubs. (It was accidentally broken in 2.4.1 release.)

File information: EiskaltDC++ 2.4.2
Posted by eiskaltdc on 2021-03-07 20:31 1 like


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